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What are CCP’s guidelines and expectations for renters and landlords when signing the Emergency Rental Assistance Agreement (ERAA)?

Landlord and CCP agree to the following:

  1. Payment by CCP –
    • Landlord agrees to accept rent payments from Community Cares Partners (CCP) according to the terms below on behalf of Tenant without creating any liability of CCP to Landlord. 
    • Rent assistance paid by CCP will be accepted as full satisfaction of all of Tenant’s outstanding debts owed to Landlord, including rent and fees for months listed on the agreement.
    • Reasonable late fees can be paid in accordance with the lease.

2. W-9 of Landlord Required –

  • Landlord agrees to provide a completed W-9 to CCP, if one is not on file. 
  • Failure to provide CCP with a properly completed W-9 will delay payment.

3. Repayment in Event of Duplicate Payments –

  • Landlord agrees to repay any rental assistance paid by CCP / CFO if another agency or resource pays the rent instead.

4. Property Condition and Damage –

  • Landlord agrees to provide a habitable unit as required under the Oklahoma Residential Landlord-Tenant Act, including heat, running water, hot water, electricity, gas, and other essential services.  
  • Neither Landlord nor Tenant releases any claim related to the condition of the property including habitability and damage to the property, except for any property damage paid as part of this Agreement.

Tenant Obligations –

  • This agreement does not release Tenant from continuing to comply with lease requirements under the Oklahoma Residential Landlord Tenant Act, other than payment of rent and fees covered by this contract.
  • Tenant is responsible for rent that is due on or after the date listed on the agreement.
  • If Tenant applies and qualifies, future rent assistance may be available; but there is no guarantee.

Landlord Obligations –

  • Landlord agrees to not threaten eviction, serve Tenant with a Notice to Quit, or file an FED or eviction suit for rent covered by this Agreement unless notified by CCP the Agreement cannot be fulfilled.
  • Landlord agrees to release any claim it may have against the Tenant for rent, fees and other charges or debts existing at the time this rent assistance is accepted for the time period covered by this Agreement.
  • Landlord agrees to file a written Dismissal with Prejudice in any pending FED or eviction action against Tenant within 10 business days of receipt of payment under this agreement. 
  • If Tenant requests to seal the eviction action, Landlord agrees not to oppose such motion or relief.

If Landlord breaches this contract:

  • The rental assistance paid under this Agreement must be repaid to CCP.
  • Landlord’s release of claim against Tenant remains in effect, and
  • Landlord is not entitled to collect such amounts from Tenant.